Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Show and Tell!

I always loved show and tell as a kid, so when I was asked to participate in a Show and Tell linky with Stephanie from Forever in 5th Grade, I couldn't resist!  I am so excited to share some of the things that were happening in (and out!) of my classroom in January.

How adorable is this response to text?! I found this little gem on Pinterest and blogged about wanting to try it here.  I love the book Snowmen at Night and I'm always looking for ways to help my kiddos make good connections to text.  This little one wrote "If I was a snowman, at night I would play in the park.  In the park I would swing."  We had so much fun with this little project, and tearing the paper is good for their fine motor skills...two birds, one stone!

Next up are these number sense posters my kids worked on in small groups.  They had to represent their number four different ways, then show the number on the number line.  We have spent the last week or so working on "bigger numbers" from 100-120 and my students are feeling very grown up and pleased with themselves.  They worked so hard on their posters and they look great in the hallway!

Number three is what I am most excited about.  See that giant check??  SQUEEEEE!  I wrote a grant over the summer, and my class is going to be awarded nearly $5,000 for a class set of Chromebooks!!!  They actually came around back in November to hand these bad boys out, but of course, that was the one day I was out sick.  They finally made it back to my room just after Christmas break and I was SO EXCITED.  I can't wait to get this technology into the hands of my little ones!

Number four isn't classroom related, but I am darn proud of it, so I'm sharing it.  This cheeseball is my fourth grader, and this is his (FINALLY) finished science fair project.  ALL THE JAZZ HANDS AND PRAISE THE LORD.  Science fair projects are definitely put on Earth to test our patience as parents, ya'll.  Just sayin'. 

Well, that's it for this month!  I can't wait to see all of the amazing things going on in your classrooms! 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

January Pick 3!

It's time for a Pinterest Party y'all!

I've linked up with teachers from all over to share my top three Pinterest Picks to use in my classroom in January.  The great thing about Christmas break is having lots of time to lay around in my jammies and read books, watch movies, and play on Pinterest!

My first pick is this super cute little anchor chart on New Years Resolutions.  I have my kiddos write resolutions every year, but I love this little chart for helping them understand what a resolution really is and why it's important.

My second pick are these super cute little arctic animal crafts!  We always do some research on arctic animals and write reports, and I'm thinking these little guys would really perk up our hallway display!  How cute is that walrus?!

My third pick is this little activity from The First Grade Parade.  I love the Snowmen at Night books, and this looks like the perfect writing activity to go along with it!  Plus the craft is super cute too.  I love activities like this that get my kiddos responding to text.  I'm going to have them make connections and write about where they would go and what they would do if they were a snowman at night.

Those are my picks for January...I hope you saw something you could use! 
Happy teaching!