Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Big News!

Hello again!  Look, it's me!  I haven't fallen into a deep dark well, I've just would appear that I am really terrible at keeping up with this whole blogging thing.  I swear, that's going to be a big goal for me next year.  I'm going to have to make a schedule or something, because GEEZ. #goodintentions

So I come to you with BIG NEWS.  Like, capital letter BIG.  Well, big for me anyway.  It's all official so I can finally announce that after 13 years (my entire career!) in first grade, I will be moving to second grade next year.  I am super excited and a wee bit nervous, but mostly excited.  I absolutely love my group of kiddos this year so I went to my principal just after spring break and asked if I could loop up with them.  This girl is ready for a change!

We had the "big end of the year info" faculty meeting today and we were given all of our end of the year check lists and what not.  That's always exciting, because now we can officially start counting down the days (19 and a half, in case you're curious.  You can bet your boots I counted.) until we can sleep past dark o'thirty in the morning.

When the maps with our new classroom assignments were passed around, I have to admit, I got a bit weepy.  I am soooooo far away from my teaching besties, and you know how that is.  One hall over can seem like an ocean between you.  After the meeting I went to get a peek at my new room, and y'all- there. are. ceiling. fans.  All the spirit fingers and praise hands!  ALL OF THEM!  It is ALWAYS hot and muggy in our building and I am a wee bit on the fluffy side, so fans make me a happy girl.

I'm super pumped to share my new journey with you- movin' on up!!


  1. You are one of the BEST teachers I know (you were my vote for TOY). Your passion and love for teaching is so admiring. You are going to rock 2nd grade! You're gonna need to take the long route to your room everywhere you go hehe! Love you, Karina

  2. So excited for you . . . See ya there in a few years!!