Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Student Stories

Hello friends!  I'm so excited, I just couldn't wait to tell you the news...
Once again, Class Dojo has come up with something amazing for the new school year.  Today they rolled out "Student Stories", personalized digital portfolios for students to use to showcase their accomplishments!

I have used the heck out of Class Story and I got a ton of positive feedback from parents- they love seeing pictures of what is going on in the classroom and staying up to date with our classroom news. I know they will be thrilled to be able to also click on their own child's story and see pictures of their child's hard work!  I love the thought of our parents and students having conversations about what is shared in their Student Story- what a great way to make sure we are all working as a team to help our littles be successful!  You can watch this short video to see it in action.  I also love that it is student led.  Kiddos can choose what they think they did their personal best on to share with their family.

It works with classrooms that are 1:1 with devices and classrooms that only have a few to share. Students will simply scan a class QR code and log in to their story.  You can set this up in your classroom in three easy steps!

1- Display your QR code- you can get it by tapping "Class Login" in your account.
2- Download ClassDojo on your classroom iPads (coming soon for Android tablets and Chromebooks!)
3- Let your kiddos dive in!  All they need to do is tap "Scan QR code" on the login screen and they are set to go!

ClassDojo just keeps getting better and better, and as a teacher I LOVE that all of my parent communication is in one place.  Anything that helps me streamline my day and makes teaching more efficient is a winner for me.  Go check it out!

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