Monday, September 5, 2016

Welcome back!

Hello friends!
Welcome back to another new year!  Most of us have already gotten started, but I know a few of you lucky ducks don't start until after Labor Day, so good luck to you guys!  I have been meaning to get on here and post pictures of my new classroom, but you know...

I'm not going to lie, I was like that after the second week too.  Starting a new grade level is not for the faint of heart, y'all.  BUT!  This three day weekend has given me a tiny bit of renewed energy, so here I am!  I feel like I am finally climbing out from underneath the piles of beginning of the year STUFF and getting myself together.  Who knows, maybe we will get our routine going next week.  Fingers crossed!

So I moved down the hall this year and I have a whole new set up.  I decided to go with the whole flexible seating idea, and I'm loving it.  My kids are too!  Right now I'm letting them choose where they sit each day, and they can switch throughout the day.  I do plan on assigning seats for when I have a sub, because I'm sure the poor sub would hate me by the end of the day otherwise. Right now I have 4 scoop rockers, 4 yoga balls, two standing tables, and a regular table with chairs and wobble cushions.  The kids can also sit on the floor or the beanbag with a clipboard.  I have a Donor's Choose project going for some wobble stools, so hopefully I will be able to add those to our room soon!

I'll warn you, the pictures aren't the best...I realized right before the kids came on Monday morning that I hadn't snapped any pictures yet, so I took super fast ones with my phone, but you'll get the idea. I have already made a few changes...I moved the standing tables to where the weren't blocking the view of the kids at the small floor tables (duh! Why didn't I see that in the first place?!).

This is my reading corner and library.  The gray boxes hold our Chromebooks.  The concept board is something we put together as a class for each of out Language arts units in Imagine It.

These are the fabulous mailboxes my grandfather made me way back when I first started teaching.  I use the shoe organizer to hold water bottles and keep them off the desks.

This is my small group table/teacher work space.  The sound cards on the wall go with our ELA curriculum.

A few of my littles using the beanbag to work!

A few of the different table levels.

The back of the room with our pocket chart stand and number line.  The back counter is another choice for a work space for my kiddos.

So, now you've had the official tour!  I hope everyone's year gets off to a great start!

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