Monday, September 5, 2016

Pick 3 for September

Hello there!
I am late (so what else is new?), but welcome to the September Pick 3 party!  I just love this little linky because I get to see everyone's top Pinterest picks for the month.  It's a great source of inspiration for me!  I just wrapped up my second week with kiddos, so I am still really focused on assessing and teaching routines.  Let me show you some of the great Pinterest finds I want to use this month!

I love practicing growth mindset with my kiddos!  It made such a huge difference with my students last year.  I can't wait to pick up these fun read alouds from the library and share them with my class.

We begin our unit on Place Value tomorrow, and I love this anchor chart for introducing the important vocabulary we will be learning!

As the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 creeps up on us, I have been gathering resources to share with my students.  I created this power point because I wanted to be able to share the heroic acts of that day without scaring my students with all of the ugliness.  I chose to focus on the first responders and the "helpers".  As a child and sister of a firefighter, this subject hits so close to home, and I work hard every year to give it the sensitivity and respect it deserves.

Looking for more great ideas?  Check out my Pinterest Boards!

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