Friday, July 3, 2015

July Pick 3 Pinterest Party!

Can you believe it's already July 3rd?!  I feel like summer is just flying by!  My teacher brain is sloooowly starting to wake up.  I'm not quite to the point of planning anything, but I have at least started pinning ideas for next year.  Speaking of pinning...

I am linking up today with Lisa from PAWSITIVELY TEACHING and Marissa from INSPIRED OWL'S CORNER to share our top Pinterest picks for the month!

Ya'll.  I have to confess...I am the WORST when it comes to hanging border for bulletin boards.  I'm super type A and want it all straight and perfect, but I am TERRIBLE at it.  It takes me forever to get it straight.  My first pin just blew me away...

This is a game changer, friends.  Did you know there is a leveler app?!?  Am I just super late to the party?  Either way, I'm all sorts of excited about this.  I'm hoping it will make decorating my classroom for this year much easier (and less frustrating).  See the original pin here.

You all know how the first week of school goes.  It's all about rules, routines, and learning to function as a community.  I found this anchor chart from My Silly Firsties on Pinterest and just fell in love.  How cute is this??

I'm all about teaching my little friends to solve problems independently.  You can see the original pin here, and I would definitely recommend checking out her blog post.  Tons of cute anchor charts for the beginning of the year!

My last pin is less fun, but super necessary.  I did a little Pinterest research last night because the hubs and I decided it was time to start the dreaded diet (womp, womp).   It's coming up on time for our son to start fall baseball and it's important that he trim down and get his body ready, so we figured this would be a good opportunity for all of us to eat healthier and drop a little...ahem...fluff.  I have much excess fluff, I admit it.  Girl likes to eat.  Anyhoo, here is my last pin:

Some of those look kind of yummy, no?  Humor me....I'm trying not to think about spaghetti.  Oh carbs, I do so miss thee!  The original pin is here.

Well, that's it!  I hope you're pinning tons of fun stuff this summer!  Head on over to PAWSITIVELY TEACHING or INSPIRED OWL'S CORNER if you would like to link up and share your top three pins!


  1. Wow. You scored with me on all your pin choices. A leveler pin... are you kidding?? Gonna get that. And the blog with the beginning of the year anchor charts.. oh, yeah. And last put not least, I love fish, but usually only get it when I'm out because I don't know many things to DO with it... not any more :) Pin, pin, pin. Thanks for post! Kathleen

  2. OK, the leveler app looks amazing! I won't have to drag a family member down to my classroom to help me with my bulletin boards! We have gotten into eating more fish this summer too! I need more recipes since I'm always just grilling it. Thank you so much for sharing and linking up! :)

  3. It took me until last year to use a level for the boards and it was SO WORTH it! No more stress! Now if I could only find a "center justification" tool, my bulletin board life would be complete!

    ~Shyra Junior High Core Values

  4. Loved your pins. Followed the pin link and found the level necklace idea. Going to try that this year! Thanks for sharing.
    Burke's Special Kids

  5. I so need a leveler app! Thank you!!!