Friday, July 31, 2015

Best Back to School Tip!

Hello again!  I am linking up with Hanging Around in Primary and Pop Into Primary today to highlight our very best back to school tips!

The first week or so of school is so hectic.  I always forget how NEW they are...they don't know the routine, the procedure, the rule...they are all just waiting around for you to tell them what to do.  It's EXHAUSTING.  One thing I struggle with at the beginning of the year is my student's ID numbers.  Each of our kiddos has a six digit code they have to memorize.  They use it to pay for their lunches, log in to the computers, and check out library books.  The lunch line in those first few weeks is always impossibly long because our sweet babies forget their number over the summer and have to relearn it...which means frantic teachers and lunch ladies are looking up and entering numbers for kids.  
Now, in the past I have given each kid a card with their name and number on it, but usually at some point in the week half of them get lost or coated with food.  I had a brainstorm this summer.  I had to borrow this picture from First Grader At Last, because I don't have my list yet to make mine.

I bought cute name tags from the Dollar Spot at Target and ordered the little plastic sleeves and some cute little lanyards from Amazon.

My plan is to have my kids wear them for the first week, and maybe the second.  I'm going to have their name on the front of the tag and their number on the back.  This will also help with the name games we play at the beginning of the year, and they can wear them when we have a substitute!
I hope this helps make your first week a little less crazy!


  1. Great tip... and I love the lanyard idea. I usually just write it on a little card and I pass them out each time they need it! Wearing the lanyard in the AM and giving it back in the PM will be much better!!
    Do you have the link for the lanyards? :)


    1. I sure do!