Friday, July 24, 2015

Mail Call!

Oh, happy day!  My much awaited boxes came in the mail today!  I got a delivery from Really Good Stuff AND Amazon, in the same day...whoo hoo!  I'm sure the hubby is just as thrilled as I am.  Want to see what's inside?

First up...My new calendar stuff!  I order these pre printed calendars from Really Good Stuff every year.  I love that I don't have to mess with switching out the numbers and what not.  Plus, they are super cute, and come with little stickers you can add for birthdays, holidays, assembles, etc.  My kids love reading the fun fact or joke that is written in the boxes for each day.  I also got some new Days of the Week and Months of the Year posters, because mine were just plain worn out!

I also got these super cute table tags from Really Good Stuff.  I splurge every year for the super durable heavy plastic adhesive tags because they last ALL. YEAR. LONG.  I sometimes have to write the kid's names again because the Sharpie will fade, and there is always one or two kids who manage to peel up the corners, but I have had great success with these bad boys!  They had a new design out this year...cute little school buses, so I went with that for this year.

I also got a ton of new border.  I do my room in black and white chevron, with primary colored accents.  I'm gong to try layering my borders this year, so we will see how that turns out!

Next up...Amazon!  I only got two things from Amazon, but I'm super excited about them.  I finally found solid black pocket charts to match my room, hooray!  I also got some Astrobrights paper.  I have read so much about cool things teachers are doing with this super cute paper, I couldn't resist buying a few packages to try it out!

Well, that's my haul!  I'm excited to get it all in my new room and start decorating (assuming they ever let us in the dang building...grrr...)!  So, did you buy anything new for your room this year?

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